Eleven curious reasons for a broken iPhone – with iPhone 13 destruction video

What do a pug, a hard-working housewife, a school child, a cat and the PC-WELT team have in common? You are a danger to the iPhone! We present eleven really curious reasons for broken iPhones. Update: iPhone 13 destruction video!

The iPhone faces many different dangers. Especially since the iPhone X, XS, XR with their displays that reach almost all the way to the edge. However, Apple is also making the displays increasingly robust. The iPhone 12 is said to have particularly robust screens. And with the recently introduced iPhone 13, Apple also emphasizes the Ceramic Shield, which is supposed to protect the display even better. We wanted to check that and carried out the destruction test with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro:

In our video we show typical situations that can lead to a smartphone breaking. But there is another important source of information about possible reasons why smartphones can break: namely companies that specialize in repairing defective smartphones. Like the iPhone clinic.

The Phone Clinic in Munich repairs defective iPhones and iPads. Most damaged smartphones and tablets are commonplace, but every now and then a badly damaged iPhone ends up in the phone clinic, which has been damaged for a particularly unusual reason. We have made a funny gallery out of this: In cooperation with the Phone Clinic, we present the ten most curious reasons for broken iPhones that the Phone Clinic had to repair (in addition to these ten reasons, there is now an eleventh reason: our robustness- Testing.

To do this, click through the picture gallery.

Did you like the above gallery? Then you will surely find our video about the Phone Clinic very exciting. PC-WELT looked over the shoulder of the cell phone repair experts at work. Special workshops such as the Phone Clinic promise a repair of the defective smartphone or tablet favorite, just faster and cheaper than the manufacturer’s repair service. Apple is paying dearly to replace a broken display or a dead battery, so it makes perfect sense to look around for cheaper alternatives such as the Phone Clinic.

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