Elon Musk fires rocket with two astronauts into space Financial

Previously, government agencies such as NASA operate such manned flights. Two NASA astronauts will fly on board the Musk SpaceX rocket on Wednesday.

President Trump will be attending the flight launch with Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, the White House reports.

For Elon Musk, this is the next step in a series of American commercial journeys that should lead to more space discoveries. Ultimately, the entrepreneur thinks that humanity will have to build a second life on Mars, because life on Earth will become impossible.

Musk had planned the flights much earlier, the first of which would already take to the skies four years ago. Two catastrophic explosions from his Falcon 9 rockets delayed it. Concerns about the safety of personnel in the Crew Dragon capsule on the rocket stopped a launch every time.

Flight 7 pm

The Falcon will depart from the launch complex at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday at 4:33 PM local time. Nineteen hours later, Hurley and Behnken could arrive at the international space station ISS.

For the United States, a lot is at stake with the launch. The Americans should no longer hitch a ride on research with Russian expeditions on successful home flights.

His own space fleet was retired after a disastrous accident nine years ago. Since then, the White House has always emphasized the need for more space research.

Musk has long been working on the rocket the size of a 40-story apartment building that will eventually carry passengers. NASA invested $ 135 billion in a future space station. According to space experts against the Wall Street Journal, the flight of SpaceX is a crucial step towards that expansion. The White House encourages more companies to launch space flights.


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