Elon Musk is thinking about his own social media platform

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, he is considering building his own social media platform.

Elon Musk is “seriously” thinking about his own social media platform. The billionaire and Tesla CEO confirmed this over the weekend via the micro-blogging service Twitter.

Musk criticizes Twitter

Musk’s response followed a question from a Twitter user. The latter had asked whether Musk was interested in building a social media platform with an open-source algorithm, in which freedom of expression was the priority and propaganda was kept to a minimum. Musk recently criticized Twitter because, in his opinion, the platform does not adhere to the principles of free speech and thus undermines democracy.

Is Musk opening his own social network?

Musk finally had one on Twitter last week

opinion poll
started. He asked users if they thought Twitter respected the principle of freedom of expression. Around 70 percent of his followers had voted “no”. Musk has around 79 million followers on Twitter.

In his survey, Musk emphasized that the results are important. Whether the vote will actually result in Musk joining platforms like Gettr, Parler and Rumble or Trump’s Truth Social, all of which see themselves as advocates for free speech remains to be seen.

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