Elon Musk on Tesla criticism from Bill Gates: “He has no idea”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

“Hopefully, better and cheaper batteries will make electric cars a realistic option for all car owners,” wrote Bill Gates on his blog on August 24th. And then comes his but.

“Even with major leaps in development in battery technology, electric vehicles will likely never be a practical solution for semi-trailers, cargo ships or passenger planes,” wrote Gates.

“Electricity works when you have to cover short distances,” wrote Gates. “But we need a different solution for heavy vehicles that travel long distances.” An assessment that Tesla CEO and tech visionary Elon Musk does not seem to share.

Musk disgusts Gates

Tesla is currently developing an electric truck that will hit the market next year. The idea for the Tesla Semi was presented in 2017. The truck was originally due to hit the market last year, but development of the Tesla Semi has been delayed.

Still, Musk is apparently not happy about Gates ‘comment about his industry and the potential of electric mobility. When asked about Gates ‘blog post, the Tesla CEO only wrote:” He has no idea. ”



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