Elon Musk talks about a Tesla designed for Europe

Tesla Model C China sketch

In an interview, the boss of Tesla mentions a special model for the European continent, but above all cheaper cars and very long autonomy.

The electric car has never been so popular, and industry leader Tesla is taking advantage. His action breaks the ceiling, and his boss, Elon Musk, becomes the second fortune on the planet. However, the brand is not resting on its laurels, on the contrary …

In recent months, the Gigafactory Berlin has emerged from the ground, to eventually manufacture the Model Y. Interviewed in video during theEuropean Battery Conference, Elon Musk gave details on possible vehicles dedicated to the European market. “It would be logical to manufacture a compact car, perhaps a hatchback (5 doors note). In the United States, cars tend to be bigger and in Europe they tend to be smaller. If you are trying to park in dense city environments, it is important to have a car that fits in tight parking spaces ” he said, giving as an example a bad experience in Berlin where he struggled to find a seat at the size of the Model X.

We are far from the officialization of an anti-VW ID.3, but the manufacturer has already started a reflection in China where the idea of ​​a Model C was already discussed at the beginning of the year. Proof of this ambition, the country will equip itself with its local R&D center, and a European counterpart should be born.

Musk also focused on the cost of batteries, essential for “That everyone can buy an electric car”. It’s even for him “The fundamental point to improve”. To achieve this, the boss of Tesla relies on ” economies of scale “ and a “Advanced tooling”.

1,000 km on the future Model S?

In terms of range, Musk gave his vision on the evolution of the energy density of his cells that will impact the range of his future vehicles. The manufacturer already increased the range of the Model S in November and plans to do even better in the future. This is not new. Expected at the end of 2021, the Plaid version already promises 840 km with one charge. In the longer term, the boss of the Californian group even hopes to offer up to 1000 km on his sedan.


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