Elon Musk: Tesla employees reveal strengths and weaknesses of the CEO

Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Charles Sykes / Invision / AP, File

Tesla CEO Elon Musk polarized – most recently in public by his wish that the US government should quickly stop the aggressive corona measures that were taken to slow down virus infections. At the same time, many love him for his visionary work in space travel and electromobility.

Those who have worked with Musk personally also have different opinions about him: some credit him for Tesla’s success, others criticize his leadership style.

In our picture gallery you can find out what seven current and former Tesla employees have to say about Musk’s performance and behavior as managing director of the company. Each of the interviewed employees asked for anonymity out of fear of reprisals from Tesla, but NewsABC.nets know their identities.

Tesla did not want to comment on this story.

Tesla employees reveal Elon Musk’s greatest strengths and weaknesses

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