Elon Musk: The 16 craziest things Tesla boss believes in

Musk said that people who write negative articles about autonomous driving effectively kill people

Musk made these comments in October 2016 when he criticized media coverage of accidents involving Tesla autopilot vehicles.

“One thing that I should mention that, frankly, is quite troubling for me is the level of media coverage of autopilot accidents,” he said, adding that “it is basically almost nothing compared to that.” little media coverage of the 1.2 million people who die in manual accidents every year. “

“Think about it carefully, because if you effectively keep people from using autonomous vehicles when writing a negative article, you will kill them.”

However, Musk said this year that converting semi-autonomous technology to fully autonomous technology will be very difficult. He emphasized that “massive efforts” will be required to make the fully autonomous technology “99.9999 percent safe”.

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