Elon Musk to employees: Stop working from home or leave & threaten interns

Elon Musk prohibits working from home in an email. Anyone who doesn’t accept that should leave. Musk threatened interns who waited for coffee to be fired.

Elon Musk is not a fan of working from home. Because Bloomberg reports that the Tesla and Space-X boss apparently sent an email to Tesla’s executive staff on Tuesday (May 31, 2022), in which Musk made it clear that he would contact his managers at all wants to see in the offices five working days a week.

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Said email carries the subject line: “Remote work is no longer acceptable”. This is followed by this text: “Anyone who wants to work from home has to be in the office at least (and I mean *at least*) 40 hours a week or leave Tesla. That’s less than what we ask factory workers to do.” So Musk provides a reference to the actual obligation for Tesla employees to be present on the assembly lines, who can hardly work from home.

Only those who can name a special reason for exception may make an exception to this rule. However, Tesla would strictly check this reason.

In addition, you have to work in an office at Tesla’s headquarters and not in a remote branch that has nothing to do with the actual job of the employee.

Interns waiting in line for coffee: Musk isn’t thrilled

In this context, Bloomberg has another anecdote about Musk: When Musk once saw a group of interns waiting in a queue for a coffee, the Tesla boss reacted like this: He threatened to fire all the interns if this were to happen again and reportedly had security cameras installed to monitor compliance.

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