Elon Musk tours the streets of New York in a Tesla Cybertruck

After Texas, Elon Musk puts on a Tesla Cybertruck show in the streets of New York for a stealth performance.

Covid obliges: artist tours are a thing of the past (for now, let’s be optimistic). On the other hand, there is an “artist” like no other who embarks on a mini-tour at home: after landing in Texas on the Gigafactory site, Elon Musk took his Cybertruck to walk the streets of New -York.

On the occasion of Saturday Night Live, the Tesla Cybertruck has therefore put its wheels in the American megalopolis. It is on display in a showroom of the Meatpacking brand, a trendy little neighborhood of eight small blocks. A new opportunity for fans of the genre to observe electric utility closely.

The final version is long overdue

But Elon Musk was not content simply to display the Cybertruck behind a bay window: the boss of the brand faced the streets of New York aboard this oversized machine. A show that Elon Musk is fond of and which offers a rather spectacular vision with this mastodon in motion.

This is still the original version of the Cybertruck. However, the final version announced by Elon Musk, who prefers to keep the scene rather than his promises, is long overdue.


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