Elon Musk tweets crypto coin dogecoin to record

The dogecoin, the coin based on a meme of a Shiba-Inu dog, briefly touched a value of 6.9 cents. By way of comparison, the coin was still worth 0.6 cents at the end of January.

The dogecoin once started as a joke, but the amount of money that goes into it is no longer a joke. Last night, the total market value of all dogecoins was about € 8.7 billion.

Tweets create record

The cryptocurrency has become incredibly popular in recent weeks and is mainly due to Tesla boss Elon Musk. Last night he tweeted the price up again, with lyrics like ‘who let the doge out’ and a crazy video about the dogecoin.

Intended as a joke

Musk has been enthusiastically tweeting about the coin for a number of days. For example, he said that ‘dogecoin is the crypto of the people’. And after a photo with a rocket, along with the text ‘doge’, a ‘you’re welcome’ followed.

According to Bloomberg news agency, Musk has previously indicated that the tweets are mainly intended as a joke.

Snoop doge

Rapper Snoop Dogg also goes along with the tweets referred to in the funny. He tweeted rather a picture with the text ‘Snoop Doge’ after Musk.

Kiss’s bassist seems to be a more serious fan. He tweets complete instructional videos and calculates how ‘rich’ you could have been if you had boarded earlier.

Bitcoin also to record

In addition to dogecoin, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether have also been doing very well lately. Today, bitcoin is skyrocketing thanks to Tesla, Musk’s company.

The automaker has put $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin on its balance sheet. In addition, the company will accept bitcoins as a means of payment.

In October, the currency was still at just under 9,000 euros.


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