Elon Musk’s co-founder of Neuralink is leaving the company

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Max Hodak, co-founder of Elon Musk’s company Neuralink, announced on Saturday that he had left the company a few weeks ago. “I haven’t been with Neuralink (for a couple of weeks). I learned a lot there and I’m still a great supporter of the company! ”Hodak, who was also the company’s managing director, announced on Twitter last Saturday.

The company is working on human brain implants, including robotic technology that is required for implantation. The technology had previously been tested on monkeys. Previous tests showed that the monkeys’ brain activities could be recorded or stimulated using the technology.

Hodak didn’t say what the reasons were for leaving in his tweet on Saturday. However, he replied to a Twitter user who responded to the tweet, saying it was “too early” for Hodak to leave the company. Neuralink would have “not a single product on the market”. Hodak responded to the tweet with “Same” – he thinks the same thing. reached out to both Max Hodak and Neuralink for comment.

In 2019, Hodak and Musk performed together to announce their research and plans. They explained that they implanted a chip in a monkey that enables it to control a computer with its brain. During the announcement, Musk said that a monkey “was able to control a computer” using the chip. Hodak responded: “I didn’t know we were going to publish this result today, but that’s how it will be.” In February Musk announced that a monkey could now play a video game using the implant. Scientists told that monkeys have been able to control computer cursors with their brains since 2002.

Neuralink was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Fremont, California. Musk is listed as CEO on filings with the California Commercial Register. Hodak is not mentioned. Max Hodak studied biomedical engineering at Duke University. In early April, Hodak said someone could “probably build a real Jurassic Park world with the technology, if we wanted.” Another Twitter user asked Hodak what was next after the announcement of his departure. He replied: “No Jurassic Park”.

This article was translated from English and edited by Julia Knopf. You can read the original here.


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