Tech disturbed: That’s why there are now problems with the online tax return

If you want to do your tax return via, you need strong nerves at the moment. The online tax return page is overloaded. The reason.

Access to was disrupted over the weekend. Anyone who wanted to complete their tax return or property tax return via the tax office’s online portal saw error messages or could watch how the desired page in the browser did not open for several minutes. Sometimes there were also disconnections and in one case we suddenly got to see a black page. was/is overloaded

The reason for the problems with was and still is apparently too many hits on the site. The property tax return should in turn be responsible for this. Based on a decision by the Federal Constitutional Court, all owners of apartments, houses and other properties must surrender these from July 1st and by October 31st, 2022 at the latest. Apparently many taxpayers tried that last weekend – and brought to the brink of collapse.

On you can read:

“Restrictions on availability

“Due to the enormous interest in the forms for the property tax reform, there are currently restrictions on availability. We are already working hard to be able to provide you with the quality you are used to as quickly as possible.”

And: “Restrictions when using the ElsterSmart app

It is currently not possible to use Mein ELSTER using the ElsterSmart app if the ElsterSmart app and Mein ELSTER are used on different devices (e.g. if you have installed ElsterSmart on your smartphone or tablet, but Mein ELSTER in the browser on your use PC).”

You can read that on

However, the use of was/is not completely impossible. With enough patience, you could definitely hand in the property tax return forms yesterday. But this required iron nerves and the willingness to fill out one or the other form twice.

Of the

Mockery on social networks was not long in coming,
the hashtag #elster was unmistakable on Twitter.

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