Emirates and Lufthansa are again flying more frequently between Frankfurt and Dubai

Passenger numbers are on the rise at Dubai Airport – Lufthansa and Emirates are increasing the number of their flights.


Finally some good news for the airlines and the entire aviation industry: the number of passengers at the fourth largest airport in the world in Dubai has been rising steadily since the United Arab Emirates reopened its borders at the beginning of July.

A representative of the transport authorities in Dubai said in the English-language newspaper ´Gulf News`: “We have 20,000 travelers at Dubai Airport every day – both locals and tourists. We assume that by November the peak figures will be as high as in 2019. ”Dubai Airport is a pioneer when it comes to returning to“ normal flying ”. In 2019, the airport handled an average of around 230,000 passengers per day.

Lufthansa is increasing the number of its flights to Dubai

These figures are also encouraging for Lufthansa: The airline is now again flying four times a week from Frankfurt to Dubai. Heinrich Lange, Lufthansa Sales Manager for the Gulf States, Afghanistan and Pakistan told the online magazine “” that the latest reports on the strong increase in passengers would underscore “the necessity and importance of our connections to the United Arab Emirates” .

The Arab airline Emirates flies daily between Dubai and Frankfurt again; five days a week even twice a day with a Boeing 777.

After the airline cut the salaries of its employees because of the Corona crisis and laid off thousands of employees, it wants to pay the remaining employees full salaries again in October, reports the ‘Gulf News’. Emirates has received around $ 2 billion in government support since March. There is no question that the airline will receive further state aid: The government will give the company even more money to help it overcome the Corona crisis, announced the Hereditary Prince of Dubai.


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