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Emma Motion: Emma announces smart mattress with AI


The best mattress? The Emma One * – at least if you believe consumer organizations like Stiftung Warentest (Issue 10/2019, tested in hard, 90 by 200 centimeters) or 4,000 satisfied Amazon customers * who rated the mattress with five stars. But now Emma – The Sleep Company, the brand behind the One, wants to go one better.

Emma Motion: 2021 a new one appears Smart mattress


Emma is celebrating the company’s fifth birthday in 2021 and a new smart mattress, the so-called Emma Motion, will appear right on time. The smart mattress is characterized by the fact that it is not just made of foam, but also offers additional technical functions such as sleep tracking, automatic adjustment to the spine, a reactive degree of hardness or temperature control.

How these smart functions can contribute to a better and more restful sleep, explains Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi, founder and managing director of Emma: “Everyone prefers a different sleeping position, which usually changes several times a night. This is a great challenge that we have solved with the development of the Emma Motion: It continuously adapts to changed sleeping positions. “

How does the Emma Motion smart mattress work?

The new Emma Motion should make this possible through three essential features. The Infinite AI sensor recognizes different sleeping positions in real time with the help of a total of 360 sensors and artificial intelligence. The Silent Move IQ technology ensures that the mattress adapts silently and gently to every change of position through compression and decompression. There is also the Emma app, which can be used to set personal preferences for the various sleeping positions. The so-called Diamond Degree Technology, which uses millions of heat-conducting graphite particles to ensure an optimized sleeping temperature, also ensures the correct heat regulation.

How is the Emma Motion structured?


The Emma Motion is 34 centimeters high and weighs 45 kilograms. It is available in sizes 80 or 90 by 200 centimeters. The bottom layer consists of the typical Emma HRX foam with the new integrated Silent Move IQ technology. The Infinite AI sensor is on top. Half of the top layer consists of adaptive viscose foam and the diamond degree foam for temperature control.

When does Emma Motion appear?

The Emma Motion has been available in France and the Netherlands since January 2021. In the course of the year, sales are to start in other countries such as the USA, Switzerland and the UK. Customers in Germany will have to wait a little longer: in this country, the market launch is not planned for 2022.

Where you can buy the Emma Motion and how much it will cost:

As soon as the Emma Motion appears in Germany, you can buy it in Emma’s online shop from around 2,500 euros.

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