Emma Roberts gave birth to baby boy

Emma Roberts gave birth to her first child this weekend. The American actress announced her pregnancy this summer and now TMZ comes with the news that the baby was born on Sunday.

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund can call themselves “mom and dad” since this weekend. Because the actress gave birth to her first child.

Little son

Emma Roberts and her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund, who is also an actor, welcomed their son Rhodes on Sunday 27 December. This was announced by the gossip website TMZ, but has not yet been confirmed by Emma or Garrett herself.

Emma and Garrett have been a couple since March 2019 and announced the pregnancy in August 2020. The couple tries to keep their relationship as private as possible, but this summer it was Emma’s mother who talked her mouth past and revealed that she was going to be grandma to become. Emma then shared a picture of herself and “her two favorite men”, so we immediately knew she was expecting a baby boy.


Emma Roberts was recently featured in the Netflix movie Holidate. In it she played the role of Sloane, who went to the holidays as a single. To put an end to annoying questions from family members, she decided to “holidate“Arrange a date just for the holidays.

But such holidate won’t need Emma anymore, as she now even has two with Garrett and Rhodes.

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