Emotional first episode TVOH thanks to Hanin

Hanin chooses the song ‘Let it be’. “There is a part in the song: ‘When I found myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me'”, she says, “and I think that part is very special. I feel that too.” All four jury members are amazed by the song and also by the fact that after three years she already speaks Dutch so well. “I had tears in my eyes,” reveals Waylon. “At which school do you learn that?” Asks Ali. And Ali wouldn’t be Ali if he didn’t add another little bit of fun to it: “I have to go there too”, he jokes. “I was born here and I can’t even speak Dutch as well as you. How handsome!”

And then something happens that you don’t often get into The Voice happen. Ali asks Hanin if she can also sing in Arabic and you don’t have to ask the singer twice. She grabs her microphone and begins to sing a special piece in her native language. “I don’t understand, but even then I get tears in my eyes,” Waylon says, totally baffled by the special moment. “It’s unbelievable; you have something so beautiful, something so disarming all over you. You are so pure.”

Ali B immediately makes a plan with her before Hanin can choose. “If you choose me, I would like to showcase the piece you just sang every now and then. You really have a unique selling point.” Jan takes a different approach. “If you choose me, I would like to sing Dutch with you, because you show how quickly and well you adapt to the Dutch language and the Dutch culture. By showing this, I think that everyone who is in a similar situation has come to draw strength from it. ” Despite the pleas of the two jury members, Hanin still chooses … Anouk!

Jan Smit is this year’s first jury member and he and Anouk are going hard. You can see it in the video below. The Voice of Holland can be seen every Friday on RTL 4 at 8 p.m.


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