Emotional scenes in AYNIL: couple sees grandson for the first time

Nicole has been living in the overseas country with her husband Corey for a number of years now, but she is very homesick. “I miss my friends and family terribly. Especially now, if you don’t know when you can go again,” she says with tears in her eyes when a camera crew raids her at home, in Canada. The hardest part is that her parents have not yet been able to hold her son Lars, who is a few months old.

“I feel guilty about that,” said Nicole – who adds that visits in September and over Christmas have been canceled due to corona. “And I see my parents’ grief too. It’s gnawing at me.”

And now Robert, of course, wouldn’t be Robert if he didn’t do everything he could to do something about it. So he tells Nicole that she can take a plane to the Netherlands with her kids. Of course, she cannot keep it dry anymore – and that is exactly what happens in Buurse in Twente as soon as the family is reunited and grandpa and grandmother can embrace little Lars for the first time. Carry us away.

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