Employer ranking: Schoolchildren would prefer to work for the police

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Every year prospective school leavers ask themselves one important question – which is followed by many more. Where do you want to go when you finish school? Do you prefer to study or do your training? Work in the private sector or in the public sector? Perhaps there is already a dream employer – a large industrial company, for example.

The police are a particularly popular employer for young people. This is shown by a survey by the Trendence Institute among around 25,000 schoolchildren in grades 8 to 13. When asked about the most attractive employer, the police came in first, closely followed by the German armed forces and the car manufacturer Daimler.

What is surprising: Despite the corona pandemic, companies in the health sector have increased in popularity compared to the previous year. The Helios clinics made the biggest leap: from 87th place last year, they climbed to 13th place in the ranking. The Johanniter and Maltese – last year still without votes – rose to ranks 21 and 26. “Apparently, especially in times when the shortage of nurses is becoming apparent every day, young people recognize that a professional field with a future and, above all, a meaningful perspective is opening up for them,” explains Robindro Ullah from the Trendence Institute.

The public sector clearly beats the automotive industry

The German automobile manufacturers are still very popular with schoolchildren: In addition to Daimler, BMW, Porsche and Audi also made it into the top 10. Porsche, in particular, was able to make up a lot on the popularity scale, climbing four places to fifth.

Broken down by industry, the public sector (44 percent) clearly beats the automotive industry (20 percent). Around 15 percent of those surveyed name retail as their preferred industry. The healthcare sector now collects ten percent of the votes in the ranking. A career in the public service is particularly attractive for girls. Almost half of all schoolgirls surveyed want to work in this area, while it is only 36 percent of boys.

Values ​​such as good cohesion among colleagues, a job with meaning and a fair and diverse application process are becoming more and more important to the students. On the other hand, the salary and the international environment of a company have lost their importance in choosing a career. In the previous year, 59 percent of those taking part in the study stated that earnings are particularly important to them. In the current evaluation it is only 46 percent.

The majority of respondents (77 percent) use their smartphones to search for a job – that’s another ten percent more than last year. According to this, students are also increasingly looking for jobs in social networks (63 percent). The young generation prefers to make contact with potential employers via Instagram (52 ​​percent), WhatsApp (48 percent) or YouTube (33 percent).

“For a long time, social media were considered useless for personnel marketing,” says Robindro Ullah. Last year, however, there were signs of a trend reversal. The current results would show that Instagram and other social networks are becoming important media for an employer brand’s communication. If you don’t jump up here, you could also miss out on important talents.

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