Employers against extending the Christmas holiday: ‘Let students test’

A spokesperson for the organizations confirms this after reporting from the

This week, the Outbreak Management Team advised the cabinet to investigate whether extending the Christmas holidays would make sense in curbing the crisis. It is expected that if the schools close a week earlier or remain closed for a week longer, the number of infections will decrease.

Testing in schools

The organizations would prefer to look for alternatives to keep the schools open, without increasing the number of infections. For example, by testing students en masse and deciding on the basis of such a screening whether or not a school can open.

“This is better for the education of the children, for the parents and for the economy.”

Spring still on the retina

Closure of schools means for working parents that they have to compromise between care tasks and work again. That is tough for parents, as became clear during the first lockdown in the spring when the schools were closed.

The spokesperson for VNO-NCW was not able to say to what extent companies actually suffer damage from parents who are temporarily unable to work, or who can work less or less concentrated.

Nevertheless, VNO-NCW and MKB Nederland appeal to the cabinet to consider the impact on workers and the business community in the final decision.

Wait until December 8th

Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge said on Tuesday that he only wanted to close the schools longer if there really are no other options. It is expected that on December 8 there will be more clarity about the measures that apply during and around the holidays.

A new OMT advice is expected in the run-up to that date.


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