Employers’ organization Voka warns: the employer can refuse an employee who has not been vaccinated

Voka emphasizes that everyone should be able to decide for themselves whether to get vaccinated. “But people have to take into account that refusing a vaccine can have consequences in the workplace or in the search for work,” says Johann Leten of Voka Limburg. “An employer has the right to refuse a person who has not been vaccinated if that employer considers that the health and safety of other employees is endangered.”

“Even in other situations it has consequences if you do not get vaccinated”, says Johann Leten. “In Australia, for example, you are not allowed to board a plane if you do not have a vaccination card. And Europe is already working on such a vaccination card. So not getting vaccinated can have consequences.”

Voka launched a campaign last week to convince employees to get vaccinated. “Because the vaccine can, among other things, ensure that the economy can run at full speed again in the long term,” concludes Leten.


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