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Empty candle holder? Give it new life!

Candles – and scented candles in particular, often have beautiful packaging. Once the candle has burned out, it’s actually a shame to throw away the leftover jar. But what else could you do with it? In this article we give a number of tips to give your empty candle holder a new life.

Clean the packaging well

First of all, it is useful to thoroughly clean the remaining packaging. Make sure that you do not get the outside of the packaging too wet, because then the label can come off and that is a shame.

The easiest way to remove large scraps of candle wax is to place the empty candle in the freezer. Really!

If there are labels on the packaging that you do want to remove, it is smart to use peanut butter. Spread some peanut butter on the label and let it work overnight. The next day the sticker is soaked off by the grease – and you can easily remove it.

Clean packaging: what now?

Once you have the packaging completely clean and proper, you can take action. Depending on the size of the pot, you can choose what you want to do.

Brighten them up with flowers

Do you have a large pot? Then turn it into a beautiful vase. A creative way to make your newly purchased bouquet stand out even more. If your bouquet turns out to be a bit too big, you can cut off a piece of the stem.

Give your bathroom a luxurious look

Usually the jars of a (scented) candle have a luxurious appearance. When your candle is finished, such a pot functions perfectly as a brush – or toothbrush holder. Or any other loose food that you would like to store.

From candle to plant

Looking for a small flower pot for your cuttings? Search no longer! The pot of a burnt out candle makes an excellent flower pot. Do not immediately plant your largest plants here, but for smaller plants such as a succulent, this works very well.


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