ENCODYA shows its art style inspired by Studio Ghibli and Blade Runner

The 2019 funded through Kickstarter ENCODYA is about to be released. The Cyberpunk Point and Click Adventure will be released on Steam and GOG for Windows PCs, Mac and Linux for 20.99 euros on January 26, 2021 Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Chaosmonger Studio are releasing the game’s second featurette today.

The kindness and creativity of Studio Ghibli, the setting and atmosphere of Blade Runner, and the humor and play style of Monkey Island. These are the ingredients ENCODYA is inspired by. In a dark sci-fi setting, the game deals with topics of the future.

The new video is all about the art style and storytelling of the game. For the sake of completeness, you can also see the first featurette below. Here Nicola Piovesan talked about the inspiration he got from Miyazaki and the most important feature of the game.

Feeling human in a world controlled by large corporations, addicted to technology and cyberspace. The orphan Tina and her robot SAM-53 try to help people for a better future in Neo-Berlin. During their difficult mission, the two deepen their incredible relationship that transcends science and technology.

By the way, ENCODYA appears with German texts.

Images: ENCODYA, Assemble Entertainment, Chaosmonger Studio


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