End of Flash also means end of ‘FarmVille’ on Facebook

The new year marks the end of the popular but also often cursed browser plug-in Flash, a product of Adobe. A side effect is that the games classic FarmVille disappears from Facebook after eleven years.

You may have seen the warning pop up on your computer screen in recent months. During the turn of the year, technology company Adobe finally pulled the plug from the browser plug-in Flash, bringing an end to a piece of internet history. Flash was very popular for videos and games on websites, but for about five years it was regularly under fire for security risks.

Problems with Apple

Due to frequent leaks in the software, Apple refused to allow Flash on its iPhones and iPad tablets. In 2010, the late Apple icon Steve Jobs wrote a famous open letter about Flash’s shortcomings. The letter has since been removed from the Apple website.

Steve Jobs in 2010 on Flash

Flash had few fans in the technology world, as was also clear in 2017 when the announcement of the discontinuation. The plug-in has become less relevant in recent years as the rival HTML5 technology can do the same without the need for an additional plug-in. Adobe announced the very latest update early last month.


The end of Flash also means the end of FarmVille on Facebook. Game studio Zynga announced on its website last year that the game will no longer be playable via Facebook from 2021. The classic saw the light of day in 2009, but will still be playable via Android and iOS.

Zynga Chairman Mark Pincus looks back at the cultural legacy of Zynga in detail on Twitter FarmVille.


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