End of the throttle? Owners of Tesla Model S and Model X report recovered charging power

The software updates for Christmas announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk for the end of 2020 were rather disappointing. Although the update brought a new fun feature for owners of electric cars in North America and additional games for everyone, Musk himself admitted that not everything planned could be completed on time. For a group that usually feels neglected, the Christmas software actually contained a pleasant surprise: Owners of older Model S and Model X, whose charging capacity had previously been partially reduced.

Long discussion in the Tesla forum

Anyone who is currently buying one of the two premium Teslas must be aware that some of the technology is older than the Model 3 or Model Y. This applies, for example, to the battery, which still consists of cells in the earlier standard 18650 format from Panasonic. Presumably in order to protect them, Tesla limited the maximum usable power of superchargers and other fast charging stations from a certain value or algorithmically controlled. In any case, it has been reported many times – there was never an official confirmation from Tesla or even more precise information. Since 2018, the company has been pointing out in its manual that too much supercharging can have a negative impact on charging performance.

The information that the throttling should now be over is also mainly based on reports from Tesla owners: With the spread of the software from 2020.48.26 around Christmas, there were increasing reports on the Internet that charging would be faster again. A discussion on the topic in the German forum Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) includes almost 1900 posts since May 2017. In the more recent ones, there is also multiple talk of faster charging with previously throttled Model S and Model X.

An affected Tesla owner, who participated intensively in the TFF discussion, even brought in a semi-official confirmation of the lifted throttling last weekend. According to him, it comes from the president of the Tesla Owners UK club in Great Britain: Tesla representatives had confirmed after many discussions and previous promises that the charging capacity of older Model S and Model X had been restored by software.

Younger Model S and Model X not dethrottled?

Whether this actually applies to all Tesla Model S and Model X with charging throttle built before 2017, as the president wrote, was initially open. In the TFF, at least one user reported that his Model S did not reach more than 96 kilowatts despite new software. In addition, there are also said to be younger Teslas who have already been throttled due to high supercharging shares. In the words of the club boss, these are not covered by the Christmas charging boost via software.


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