Endurance runner: VW Golf Country with almost 300,000 km on eBay

This VW Golf was ahead of its time! When VW presented the study of a higher Golf 2 in 1989, the world was not yet ready for SUVs. In 1990 the Colf Country went into series production, but was discontinued in December 1991 – after only 7735 had been built. The all-terrain Golf 2 now has a decent fan base and is rarely available at a low price. A Golf Country with almost 300,000 kilometers on the clock is currently being offered on eBay!

Rare VW Golf Country on eBay

The green Golf Country was built in 1990 and now has around 293,000 kilometers on the clock. Despite the high mileage, the SUV pioneer makes a well-groomed impression in the pictures.

The seller explains that he rarely drove the Golf Country. Even if the raised Golf 2 could easily master easy terrain and wintry conditions, he only drove the car between May and October for fear of salt and snow.

ebay VW Golf Country

Even from today’s perspective, the Golf Country looks whimsical. How might that have been before the big SUV wave?

Nevertheless, there are construction sites in a 32-year-old car with almost 300,000 kilometers, and the seller also wants to disclose them consciously. In addition to minor paint defects and signs of wear, the Golf has rust spots on the tank filler neck and paint chips on the windshield frame.

A lot has been renewed at Golf Country

It is more important, however, that the basis and technology are right. The seller writes that the Golf has been serviced regularly and that many parts have been renewed in recent years. These include toothed belts including water pump, ignition distributor, spark plugs, axle boots, wishbone bearings and stabilizers. The brakes are also new.

An early compact SUV with 18 centimeters of ground clearance

The Golf Country was built by Steyr-Daimler-Puch. For this purpose, pre-assembled Golf GL syncro were delivered to Graz and converted there to the Country. The VW was raised 12 centimeters with the help of a tubular frame, which resulted in a ground clearance of around 18 centimeters (plus 6.3 centimeters compared to the normal Golf 2).

In total, special parts were used on the Country 438, including the skid plate, bull bar, spare wheel holder, new bumpers and suspension.

ebay VW Golf Country

The sports seats with seat panels in body color are not standard. Whether the H license plate is possible with it?

The copy offered here is largely in its original condition, the 1.8-liter four-cylinder with 98 hp remained untouched. The five-spoke rims are covered with chunky off-road tires, the rear windows are tinted, and sports seats with body-colored seat panels have been installed in the interior. According to the seller, all modifications are registered. The Golf still has MOT until April 2023.

Rare VW Golf Country on eBay

The question of the price remains: With a few days left, there is currently no bid for the unconventional Golf 2 – the seller is asking 9999 euros as a starting bid. Those who are impatient can also buy the Golf Country immediately for 13,999 euros. However, it is worth taking a look at the well-known used car exchanges, because this Golf Country is being offered there for 10,250 euros.

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