Endurance test ranking: These are the best cars from our test

Who builds the best cars?

How good are our cars in the endurance test over 100,000 kilometers? AUTO BILD shows in a ranking all cars that have passed the endurance test!

WAre our cars reliable in everyday use? The AUTO BILD endurance test gets to the bottom of this question. The test cars cover 100,000 kilometers within a period of one to three years. Every breakdown, every defect is noted by the test drivers and ultimately flows into the grade. The same applies to the state in which the vehicle is after reaching 100,000 kilometers. In order to assess this, the car is dismantled at the end of the test and examined by DEKRA experts for wear.

Grade 1 for the Seat Ateca

Seat Ateca 1.4 Eco Style

100,000 kilometers are done – with great results. But the Seat Ateca goes into overtime.

The youngest graduate of the endurance test is the Seat Ateca. He reached the 100,000 kilometers without any failures. There was still one point of error – for the seats. Here Seat seems to save compared to the Wolfsburg models, because after long journeys several drivers complained of back pain. But one point of failure can no longer take the good grade from the Seat – in the end there is the smooth one. However, this is only an interim result. Actually, the Ateca should end after 100,000 kilometers. Dismantling at the Seat headquarters in Martorell was already planned. The Corona virus made Spain inaccessible to us. The Ateca therefore continues to run in the endurance test and is busy collecting additional kilometers. In our perpetual long-term test ranking, however, the SUV is already very far ahead with this intermediate status, as the picture gallery with all previous test vehicles shows. There we have summarized all long-term test results since 2014 – over 60 vehicles so far. In a second picture gallery (see below) you will also find the test results of around 100 other vehicles that AUTO BILD tested between 2000 and 2014. Since these were evaluated using a different test scheme, they are summarized in a separate ranking.

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How AUTO BILD tests

The test car is spared nothing – stop-and-go traffic in the big city is just as much a part of stress as full-throttle stages on the motorway or trailer operation in the Alps. But the stressful everyday test is only one side of the endurance test. AUTO BILD also assesses the technical condition of the test cars during the final inspection. Disassembly reveals how carefully a car is constructed and manufactured: the vehicle is completely disassembled, every component is carefully examined. Cylinder liners are measured and the most hidden cavity in the body is checked for rust damage using an endoscope. The automotive experts do not miss the slightest trace of wear. In addition, the everyday experiences of our test team are incorporated into the final assessment. You can see which criteria ultimately lead to the overall grade in the table below.

Endurance test rating: This is how the error points are assigned
Breakdown15 error points
Engine / gearbox damage15 error points
Defective drive / functional parts5 error points
Additional short workshop visit3 error points
Additional workshop stay of several days5 error points
Defects and special work (radio / navigation system / liquids etc.)2 error points
Defective small parts (lamps etc.)1 point of error
Long-term quality (from dismantling)
Body (preservation, paint, carpets, cladding)0-5 error points
Engine (performance, tightness, deposits, running marks)0-5 error points
Transmission (tightness, abrasion, condition, clutch)0-5 error points
Exhaust system (condition, catalytic converter, suspension, shielding plates)0-5 error points
Chassis (axles, suspension, steering, fastening)0-5 error points
Electrics (cables, plugs, control units, fuses)0-5 error points
Everyday evaluation / driving
Results from the entries in the logbook0-10 error points
0 points 1+; 1-4 points 1; 5-8 points 1-; 9–12 points 2+; 13-16 points 2; 17-20 points 2-; 21–24 points 3+; 25-28 points 3; 29-32 points 3-; 33-36 points 4+; 37-40 points 4; 41-44 points 4-; 45-48 points 5+; 49-52 points 5; 53-56 points 5-; from 57 points 6.

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