Energy company collapses due to high gas price, 90,000 customers forced to switch

The ACM is revoking the company’s supply license, according to the authority, Welkom Energie has run into financial problems, partly due to the high energy prices. Gas prices are going through the roof. And there is no end to the increase for the time being, experts expect.

“It is the first company in this energy crisis whose license has been revoked,” says Tjitte Mastenbroek, spokesperson for the ACM.

Eneco takes over 90,000 customers

All customers of Welkom Energie will be taken over by Eneco. Consumers therefore do not have to worry that they will no longer receive electricity or gas, says the ACM.

Eneco has announced in a response that it will take over all customers as of 1 November. It offers customers “the certainty of delivery in current market conditions and a quick and hassle-free transition,” the company says. Eneco would have previously shown interest in taking over the company.

No security

It was clear to Welkom Energie that security of supply could no longer be guaranteed this winter, ACM says.

Last winter was colder than usual, which meant that the company had to pre-finance more consumption than planned.

Capital ran out

The explosively rising energy prices have also ensured that Welkom Energie does not have sufficient capital to finance consumption for the coming winter.

Withdrawal of the supply license means that existing contracts will be terminated. Customers will still receive a final bill from Welkom Energie.

More companies in trouble

Energy supplier Enstroga last week threatened to cut off customers because of the problems. This company is now asking customers to switch voluntarily, for fear of falling over.

Several energy companies are at risk of getting into trouble due to the enormous price increase of gas and electricity. At the moment, ACM cannot say whether more companies are under scrutiny.

Sometimes they cannot pass on this price increase to customers, because they have concluded a fixed contract – with a fixed price.

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