Energy supplier Enstroga throws in the towel

Enstroga has asked the supervisory authority of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) to revoke the supply licence. It will do so from 12 November. Due to the increased energy prices, Enstroga is no longer able to supply energy in a reliable manner.

All Enstroga customers will continue to receive gas and electricity, the ACM emphasizes. This concerns approximately 150 customers who are still registered with Enstroga.

Conflict with ACM

The 300 customers for whom Enstroga recently stopped supplying gas and electricity also fall under this scheme. They are all placed with other energy suppliers.

Enstroga stopped supplying energy to a number of customers in mid-October because they did not agree to an increase in their previously agreed rate. The company first received a warning from the ACM for this and last week an actual penalty of 15,000 euros.

On its own website, Enstroga states that as a new, virtual supplier on the Dutch market, it wanted to compete with the established companies. “The aim was to welcome customer number 1000 at the end of this year, but unfortunately this was not allowed to be,” it reads.

As cheap as possible

The company also states that under the current market conditions on the Dutch energy market it was no longer possible to keep costs low and to supply energy as cheaply as possible.

Incidentally, this does not only apply to small suppliers such as Enstroga. Last week it was announced that the 90,000 customers of Welkom Energie had been taken over by Eneco, because Welkom Energie also no longer had enough financial strength to supply energy.

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