Energy supplier really turns off the tap: ACM threatens with a penalty payment

The regulator is warning the company to resume deliveries. If the provider does not do this, a penalty of 15,000 euros per week must be paid. At the moment, ACM does not want to say which company is involved.

Variable instead of fixed rates

Due to the sharp rise in energy prices, ACM has received reports about various energy companies that have made these kinds of threats towards their customers. For example, supplier DGB already informed customers with a permanent contract that it is ‘not possible to continue your supply agreement’.

Customers are allowed to stay with DGB, but would then pay the variable prices. “At the moment, however, it is expected that the already very high variable energy tariffs will increase even further,” writes DGB.

Customers of supplier Enstroga also received a special letter. The company said it would stop supplying unless customers agreed to higher rates.

Actually discontinued

Enstroga sent customers a second letter this month. “We have previously sent you a message about the rate change. You have indicated that you do not agree with this or have not yet responded. The supply of electricity and gas will be terminated on 20 October,” reads the letter sent to hundreds of customers would have been sent.

Research by the ACM has now shown that one of these companies actually stops supplying consumers who do not agree with a price increase during the winter period. That’s not allowed.

Up to 45,000 euros

The penalty for the company can be up to a maximum of 45,000 euros. The regulator says it will continue to check whether energy companies are complying with the rules in the coming period. If it turns out that other companies also stop supplying, action will be taken against this as well.

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