England football scandal: two young players sent off from national team after breaking corona rules with women

Mason Greenwood (18) and Phil Foden (20) have been kicked out of the England football squad and sent home. The two young footballers had invited some women to a hotel in Iceland with the national team against the corona rules.

It could be quickly… Manchester City football talents Phil Foden and Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood celebrated their debut for England’s national team in and against Iceland on Saturday. Barely a few days later, the duo is sent home. Foden and Greenwood did not adhere to the corona rules at the hotel by inviting a few women.

The English selection stayed at a hotel on the island after the game against Iceland. On Tuesday there was another game on the program, this time in and against Denmark. There they will have to do without the talented duo Foden and Greenwood.

Sent home

On Monday, the English federation announced that the two had been sent home because they had not adhered to the imposed corona rules.

“We still have to find out what exactly happened. At the moment we don’t have enough information, ”said national coach Gareth Southgate. “They’ve broken corona rules in our safe bubble. We had to decide very quickly so that they were out of contact with the rest of the team. They have been naive, but we responded appropriately. They also apologized. ”

Multiple women

Immediately the English tabloid press jumped on the juicy story. They soon learned that Foden and Greenwood had invited women. They had not taken it to their room, but agreed with it in the part of the hotel that was open to the public. They would have paid one of the hotel’s employees for that.

A little later, a video of a conversation between two other women and the two soccer players even leaked. In it you hear the women ask what the plan is. Greenwood then asks that it depends on what they want to do. “We can come to the hotel, but I don’t know if you can smuggle us in,” one of the women replies. The players then wanted to know again what the women wanted to come for. “Yeah, what do you think bro? ”Was their clear answer. These two women informed the English press afterwards that they ultimately did not accept the proposal from Foden and Greenwood.

“Didn’t know they were footballers”

Nadia Sif Lindal Gunnarsdottir (20) and Lara Clausen (19), the two women who did come to the hotel to meet up with the footballers, said afterwards that they did not know that the players were in quarantine.

“I really feel sorry for them and never wanted to put them in that position. But we didn’t know any better. We didn’t know they were in quarantine or we wouldn’t have agreed. We didn’t even know who Phil was. We didn’t even know Mason was playing for Man United. I don’t really like football. I don’t watch football at all ”, it sounds. “Of course it was a good evening. All four of us were together and spent time together and got to know each other. They were really nice guys. They are still young. We are all young and stupid and we all make mistakes. They treated us very well. They were such gentlemen. Really nice guys. ”


In addition to the media storm that the two young players are now undergoing, there are also many other consequences. For example, both Manchester United and Manchester City have already condemned their player’s behavior. Whether there will be an extra punishment from that angle is not yet known. There may also be a suspension from the English Football Association.

In addition, the players also both receive a fine of around 1,500 euros from Icelandic police. The English national team had received a special exception to the quarantine rules that apply in the country. The condition for this was that the players would not have contact with others.

Finally, Phil Foden in particular will be able to explain a lot at home. The 20-year-old midfielder has a permanent relationship with Rebecca Cooke. The couple even had their first child at the beginning of 2019.


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