Enlarge Instagram profile pictures – this is how zooming works

By default, Instagram profile pictures cannot be enlarged. However, there are tricks that make zooming in possible.

Instagram is THE photo platform par excellence – and yet it has so far been impossible to enlarge profile pictures. Especially with accounts that do not otherwise reveal any other pictures of themselves, one naturally wishes to be able to zoom in at least on the profile photo. The good news, however, is that there are now other ways and tools to do this. In this article we will show you exactly how this works.

Entering a user name, enlarging the profile picture or even downloading it: With web tools such as Instazoom and Co, this is child’s play. It doesn’t matter whether the respective account is public or private – you can call up any profile picture. We have listed the three best (and of course free) websites for you below:

1. Instadp

On the Instadp page, you can download profile pictures, stories, photos, reels and videos from Instagram users. To enlarge a profile photo, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the ”

    Profile Picture Downloader


  2. Enter the desired user name of the IG user in the search bar (without @) and click on the ”


    “When it appears.

  3. The tool then gives you the corresponding profile. There are four different areas to choose from:


Number of followers, subscribers and posts on the account

Full size:

Output of the profile photo in original resolution


List of all stories in the account


List of all reels of the account

Screenshot Instadp

2. Save-insta

The Save-insta website works on exactly the same principle:

  1. First click on the right tab ”



  2. Then enter the username or profile url in the search bar.

  3. Right click on the button ”



The program then gives you the profile photo for download along with all relevant profile data (name, user name, bio, number of followers, etc.).

Screenshot Insta-save

3. Instazoom

Instazoom is a very advertising-friendly, but fast working tool. In contrast to the other two websites, however, you can only view / download profile pictures on Instazoom, but not search for other formats such as stories or videos.

  1. Enter the IG username without @ in the search bar.

  2. Click on ”



  3. You will receive the profile photo in its original size and, if you wish, to download it.

Screenshot Instazoom

Enlarge Instagram profile picture via app

If accessing web tools is too cumbersome for you, you can also fall back on various apps that have been designed for this purpose. Two very popular apps for iOS and Android are:

App Store:

Zoom for Instagram

Simply enter the desired username in the search bar and you will then receive the enlarged profile picture. If you have preferred profiles, you can also save them (“bookmark”).

Google Play Store:

Profile picture downloader & zoom for Instagram

A very good Android counterpart, where you can not only view the profile picture in large, but also download it in three resolutions (320p, 640p, 1080p). For the largest resolution, however, you either have to pay or watch a commercial. Save your favorite profiles by clicking on the heart symbol under “Favorites”.

Screenshot of the Android app "Profile picture downloader"


Screenshot of the Android app “Profile picture downloader”

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