Enstroga has to pay a penalty of 15,000 euros, ACM threat ignored

“They continue as usual and contracts have been terminated,” said an ACM spokesperson. The watchdog cannot take any further measures, customers are advised to look for another energy supplier.

In October, Enstroga sent a letter to his customers who had a fixed-rate contract. It threatened to stop delivery unless customers agreed to higher rates. What Enstroga does is not allowed. An energy contract for a longer period of time cannot be terminated unilaterally.

Up to 45,000 euros

This was a reason for ACM to intervene. ACM threatened with a penalty of 15,000 euros per week, with a maximum of 45,000 euros. “This did not help,” said an ACM spokesperson. The power company ignores the warning.

In addition to letters from Enstroga, some Enstroga customers have also received a letter from their local grid operator (Enexis, Liander, Stedin, Enduris, Coteq, Rendo or Westland Infra). In the letter, the network operator explains that the consumer no longer has a contract with an energy supplier. The grid operator asks them to conclude a contract somewhere as soon as possible. ACM supports this request.

No other means of coercion

“We want to prevent those people from running out of gas and light now that Enstroga is ignoring our warnings. The penalty has now been imposed for the first week and we will keep an eye on it in the coming period. But we can’t do more either. We cannot force them to respect the contracts in any other way,” said the ACM.

The watchdog therefore advises the affected consumers to make a choice for another supplier as soon as possible, although the customers are probably more expensive.

RTL Z spoke to customers who want to declare the company in default. The ACM says: “But if there is already a letter from the grid operator, it makes little sense to urge Enstroga to comply with the contract.”

Enstroga has not responded substantively to press questions or questions from customers for weeks, even now no one was available.

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