Entire Core i-13000 line-up leaked & release date

A leak lists all processors of the Core i-13000 series planned by Intel, including features and the planned start of sales.

Intel is currently preparing for the presentation of its Raptor Lake processors. The 13th generation of the Core i CPUs was not supposed to be officially presented until September 27th and go on sale on October 20th. However, a leak now shows that Intel would like to offer a total of 14 Core i-13000 processors at the start of sales. These are the six standard models Core i9 13900K, Core i7 13700K, Core i5 13600K, Core i9 13900, Core i7 13700 and Core i5 13400. Five of these CPUs have an integrated graphics unit with 32 execution units and one clock in between 1.55 and 1.6GHz. However, this graphics unit can only be overclocked in the K models. Only the Core i5 13400 uses a slower GPU with only 24 execution units.

Differences in number of cores, cache and RAM connection

The TDP of the above CPUs ranges from 65 watts for the non-K models to 125 watts for the fastest K models of processors. The CPUs offer between 10 and 24 cores, the flagship Core i9 13900K, for example, has 8 performance cores and 16 efficiency cores. All processors support DDR4 RAM with up to 3,200 MHz or DDR5 memory with up to 5600 MHz. Only the Core i3 can only address DDR5 modules with a maximum of 4800 MHz. With the exception of the Core i5 13400, all new CPUs support main memory with EEC error correction. There are also big differences in the cache integrated into the CPU: while the Core i9 13900K has 36 MB of cache memory, the Core i5 13400 only has 20 MB.

KF, F and T series

The processors of the KF and F series have to do without an integrated GPU and should be correspondingly cheaper. The EEC support is also omitted for the F models. The T series of the new processors, on the other hand, should be trimmed for efficiency. The TDP is correspondingly lower. Since these chips are aimed at enterprise customers, they include EEC support and an integrated GPU.

Intel Core-i-13000: All information about Intel CPUs “Raptor Lake”

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