Entire Tesla production for Q2 already sold, according to the blog – the share is not moving

In the first quarter of this year, contrary to most expectations, Tesla set records in the delivery and production of its electric cars, and in the relatively young second quarter, according to a report, things will continue with full swing: the entire production capacity for the second quarter has already been sold, Tesla is said to have written to its workforce. The Tesla share, which was not able to benefit from the good business figures from the end of April, nevertheless fell slightly on Thursday.

Production in Q2 should be higher

With 180,338 Model 3 and Model Y (Model S and Model X were not among them because of their refreshment) Tesla had produced more electric cars in the first quarter than ever before; The 184,800 deliveries were also an all-time record. The production figure also includes the Tesla Model Y from the Gigafactory in China, which has only been mass-produced there since the beginning of this year. From January to March, its deliveries increased sixfold to a final 10,151 units. That speaks in favor of a correspondingly higher production, and this ramp-up has probably progressed further since then.

Thus, the global Tesla capacity is currently noticeably higher than the 180,000 electric cars of the previous quarter, especially since production of at least the Model S is expected to start again soon. And according to Electrek, everything Tesla can produce in the second quarter of 2021 has already been sold. The company informed employees about this, the blog reported on Thursday, citing informed people. That fits in with statements made by CEO Elon Musk at the telephone conference on the Q1 business figures at the end of April: Instead of falling as usual at the beginning of the year, demand has even increased, said the Tesla boss.

Large Tesla investor sells 41%

The news published before the start of trading on the US stock exchanges on Thursday was also picked up by financial services. Until the regular opening, the most recently weaker Tesla share rose by up to 2.9 percent. But it lost those gains in early trading and then ended the day with a 1.1 percent loss at $ 663.54. That is around 9 percent less than at the beginning of this year, compared to the high at the end of January, the decrease is 25 percent.

At the same time, one of the possible reasons for the persistent Tesla weakness after the fulminant increase since the end of 2019 became known on Thursday: A large and long-standing investor has significantly reduced his position in Tesla. According to a Twitter excerpt from a financial message, it is the Scottish investment company Baillie Gifford. By the end of Q1 2021, it is said to have sold 111 million Tesla shares, which makes up 41 percent of its holdings and a high double-digit billion volume.


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