Entrepreneur almost loses his house due to conflict with the tax authorities

This week Blom received double good news. Thanks to a good Samaritan, whom he came into contact with through his lawyer, he can continue to live in his house. And debts that he had to pay to various government agencies as a result of the allowance affair are canceled.

“My wife cannot understand it yet. Everything is complete. A man who heard our story comes to our aid. He invests in the equity of our house. He pays that money to the bank, which pays the creditors,” says Blom relieved. The benefactor does not want to be in the media.

Suddenly, the eviction that had been hanging over him, his wife and children for years has been canceled. The public sale of his home was scheduled for today, but was canceled last minute, he says.

Curious people had already taken a look through the windows in recent days and the auction was due to start at noon via Funda. “Together with my wife, I kept updating the Funda page, it was removed around ten o’clock and we were sure it would work out”, says Blom.

Two stores

Until 2019, Blom owned Foregames, a gameshop with stores in Breda and Tilburg and a webshop. “In 2009 my company had a growth spurt. I then had a new automation system built, but there were problems with it. There were always cash differences, but it took a long time to figure out the cause.”

Due to the problems, Blom did not want to submit his annual figures. “I did not want to sign figures that were incorrect. Then the tax authorities made an estimate of my income and then it went wrong.”

According to Blom, the estimate was much too high, which meant that he also had to pay too much income tax. “I had to pay tax on income that I did not receive at all and also benefits such as child benefit and health care benefits were reclaimed. As a result, the debts increased. I spent years working with the tax authorities,” says Blom.

Black list

Blom asked the tax authorities several times for a solution. It never came. “I don’t know why. Maybe because I was blacklisted because of my dual nationality and the benefits affair. I once requested my file, but never received it.”

In the benefits affair, the victims were ultimately right, as the first satisfaction they all receive an amount of 30,000 euros in compensation. Blom has already received part of this.

However, this came much too late for his company. The debts had risen to more than 150,000 euros, after which creditors of Foregames filed for bankruptcy. This was announced in August 2019.

Cabinet fallen

“I tried to fight that bankruptcy for a long time. But until a week ago, when the cabinet fell, there was hardly anyone who believed my story. In the meantime my whole family has been in tension for years,” says Blom. “Should we live elsewhere?”

His daughter was thinking about a new color for the walls of her bedroom this morning. “That was the first time in years, we can finally think about the future again. Not only financially, but also mentally we have been hit hard.”


Powerless, angry. All emotions came along in recent years. He could not find a new job. “Employers see you as a failed entrepreneur because of the bankruptcy.”

It was difficult to do business with the bank, the receiver and the tax authorities, according to Blom. “It gave a feeling of impotence, because you cannot get through to the authorities. Sometimes I thought for a moment, ‘never mind’.”

Rabobank and the Tax Authorities let RTL Z know that they cannot respond due to pricay rules, the trustee does not immediately respond to questions.

Entrepreneurial blood

Despite all the misery, Blom kept going. “I am a street rascal. My mother came to the Netherlands as a Serbian labor migrant. I come from an underprivileged family, but I have come a long way by working very hard. And I have a very strong sense of justice, so I always kept looking for a solution,” says Blom.

Blom does not yet know what the future will bring in terms of work. “The damage to my old company is irreparable. I can never restore it to that state. It has a bad reputation now, because I was unable to deliver some orders,” he thinks.

He is considering starting another company. “I am a real entrepreneur. I hope my entrepreneurial blood will start to sparkle again”, he concludes.


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