EOTB contestant Stephen Bear arrested for revenge pornography

Stephen has since been released on bail. The reality star was interrogated by the Essex police and is now free again. The ex-boyfriend of Geordie Shorestar Charlotte Crosby was handcuffed for being suspected of having distributed “ sexual photos or videos ” without the consent of his other ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison, who was on the UK version of Love Island. Stephen would have wanted to spread the incriminating material to cause ‘suffering and intimidation’ to his former sweetheart.

Georgia announced on Instagram that her ex-boyfriend Stephen had filmed her without her knowledge during their intimate moments. The Love Islandparticipant said it ‘hurt’ that it was leaked. Stephen has security cameras in his house. He positioned me so that I could be seen on camera, ‘she stated. According to Georgia, her ex-free-range shows the images to several people. “I have no choice but to get this out. With this I hope to protect others from his behavior. ‘

But Stephen firmly denies. ‘I didn’t realize how much impact this would have,’ he said on his own Instagram at the time. “It’s a complete lie that I would have shown some of the images to someone.” Stephen participated in the program in 2015 Ex On The Beach. In 2016 he competed in England Celebrity Big Brother and ran off with the trophy. Then he got off on a relationship with Charlotte Geordie Shore and together they presented Just Tattoo Of Us for MTV.


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