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Episode 10 | February 26, 2021

Drinks with Hugo!

When you say winter sport, you think of sliding through the snow and a delicious snack on the slopes. Unfortunately, that is not possible this winter. Yet Hugo provides a dose of snow fun with the non-ski cocktail board. Read the recipe here.

Tom is making a rain barrel

Gardener Tom shows you how to easily make your own rain barrel. One that is even suitable for the small garden or the balcony. This way you save liters and therefore euros. Read the step-by-step plan here.

Look inside at

We all dream about a bigger or nicer house. When Linda and Dimitri can suddenly get their perfect home in their beloved neighborhood in Leusden, they go for it! But there was a lot of work to be done …..

Sustainable cleaning tips

Taking the environment into account doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Household coach Zamarra shows you what you can easily do yourself to clean more sustainably.

Look inside at …

Michelle lives with Wybren, their daughter Philou and dog Ollie in Amsterdam. She turned their ground floor home into a stylish family home. View her house here.

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