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Episode 18 | September 23, 2020

Today Hugo makes satay in a Balinese way, with a homemade nasi goreng. Read the whole recipe here.

We are allowed to look in Marleen’s garden. She was looking for a house with a large garden and she found it. A garden with lots of color and a fruit street.

The physiotherapist comes by and tells us all about back pain and how to prevent it. Watch the episode on Videoland.

Galit helps muck out Annemiek’s shed. There is a lot of space, but because of that they keep putting stuff there and there is now no more space.

Autumn has started and Tom tells you how you can enjoy flowers in your garden in six months. He makes a flower bulb lasagna. Curious? Read here how to make it yourself.

In this episode

– Cooking with Hugo! Sate lillit with nasi goreng

– DIY: flower in the garden all spring with flower bulb lasagna


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