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Episode 3 | February 17, 2021

Cooking with Hugo!

You probably know red beets. Only the yellow brother? Hugo is putting this roguish pair in the lead today. On the menu beet risotto with homemade beet chips, the Italian classic with a pink twist. Happy faces at the table are assured. Read the recipe here.

Garden metamorphosis (1/2)

Christa and Danny have spent a lot of time furnishing their first home, but did not know what to do with the balcony. They want a place where they can lounge. But due to the lack of time and knowledge, it has not yet come and so Christa’s mother has called in Tom to help them with that. You will see the end result tomorrow!

Veterinarian Piet

Since the corona outbreak, many households have purchased a pet. Some because they already wanted to do this, but sometimes also because they are now more at home and want company. Buying a pet is a decision that you need to think carefully about. That is why our vet Piet is on the farm, who can tell you all about this!

Hobby van Nienke

Vases, bowls, teapots and even complete crockery: at Nienke’s home you will not find neutral white copies but personal works of art. How she does that? With dots! Read here how you can get started yourself.

Look inside at …

Renovating an entire house while you are heavily pregnant does not sound very ideal. Yet it has not stopped Miranda and Bas from turning an outdated house into their dream home.

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