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Episode 5 | February 19, 2021

Drinks with Hugo!

Especially now that we are not yet having a Friday afternoon drink with colleagues or friends, it means hanging up the garlands at home. Hugo is doing it this week with a classic American snack board. Let the chips, cheese cubes and Amsterdam pickles make way for mini burgers, buffalo wings and delicious dips.

Tom gives plant advice

Many questions come in from viewers to Tom about plants. That’s why we’re just going to take the time now and then to answer those questions. Daniëlle wondered which plants can withstand heat and cold. Read Tom’s advice here.

Look inside at …

Living in a new house, but surrounded by history; Linda and Marc live in Eindhoven for example. Their new-build house is located on the former company site of Philips, where the old industrial halls still stand today. View the house here.

Lifehacks from Galit

Bulging wardrobes that are sometimes more next to and around them than in … a known problem for Floortje. Cleanup coach Galit has tips & tricks for tidying up your wardrobe.

Look inside at …

Graciela and Bart have been looking for the perfect home for a long time. Graciela doesn’t really like a house that they can visit in Haarlem. But Bart convinces her and then the big jobs start.

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