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Episode 60 | May 7, 2021

Drinks with Hugo!

Sunday 9 May is the day to put all mothers, grandmothers and people who fulfill a mother role even more in the limelight. Since love runs through the stomach, Hugo makes a Mother’s Day snack board full of delicate sweet and savory snacks. Read here how you can make such a delicious snack board yourself.

Tom makes a vertical flower box

Tom is going to work with a beautiful flower again today; the hyacinth. I’m going to put them in tins and attach them to this pallet. This way you get a colorful vertical flower box.

A look inside at …

When Cindy buys her house in Purmerend, nothing has been done for decades. Together with a contractor, Cindy takes over the entire building in 10 weeks. She showed us the great result before!

Life hacks from Galit

Julia has no talent for organizing her clothes; she says so herself. Galit comes to the rescue of her pre-corona and gives practical advice that will help you too.

Look outside at …

Bjorn and his partner have laid out a lovely garden in Enschede. You saw earlier that birds and insects also enjoy themselves here.

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