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Episode 64 | November 26, 2020

Cooking with Hugo!

Today, Hugo makes a traditional Thanksgiving menu with turkey, sweet potato, green beans, cornbread, and cranberry sauce. The dessert is often pumpkin pie or pecan pie, but Hugo makes a sweet potato puree with it. Do you want to read the recipe? Then click here.

Beauty makeover

Desiree has had a difficult period and girlfriend Anje thought it was time for a fresh start! Fortunately, our stylists know better than anyone how to ensure that!

Financial tips

Suppose you own a house and live well. Yet you still have a big dream; an extension or a new kitchen. Then it is useful if you know whether you have the financial space for that.

Look outside at …

Esther came into contact with the garden world through her husband Bart, a landscape gardener, and she found it far too masculine. She lacked the feminine energy and therefore started working as a garden stylist herself. Today she tells us all about the styling of a winter garden.


Now that working from home is the norm, Martine today has the solution for an ideal workplace. With the folding screen that she is tackling today, you can turn any place in the house into an ideal workplace. Want to know how to make it yourself? Watch the episode on Videoland.


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