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Episode 7 | September 8, 2020

Hugo showed today how to get tempeh really tasty and ‘sticky’. Ideal for varying your dishes and the solution if you want to eat a little less meat. Do you want to read the recipe? That is possible here.

Tom is in Almere and is going to work in their garden for Quintano and Joyce. They have a garden with so many tiles, it’s like a parking lot. Tom gets to work and adds more greenery and shade to the garden. Read here how he did this.

Veterinarian Piet always visits us on Tuesdays. This time with Flip & Flop, two rabbits. He tells you everything you need to know about rabbits as pets, what should you keep in mind? And how do you do an MOT for the rabbit yourself?

Today we were allowed to have a look inside Sanne in Haarlem. She lives in a mansion that she has decorated completely to her own taste. Ethnic chic also your style? Watch the episode on Videoland.

Make-up artist Marvin gives very simple tips on how to easily apply eye make-up. Do you want to read the tips quietly? Then click here.

From this episode:

– Make up your eyes in 5 minutes? That’s how you do that

– Cooking with Hugo! Sticky tempeh with rice

– From a Dutch car park to more atmosphere and a Mediterranean touch in one day


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