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Episode 8 | February 24, 2021

Cooking with Hugo!

No grandma’s soup with balls today. Hugo gives a Middle Eastern twist to this good old classic. And a healthy side effect: he keeps the soup completely vegan. No meat, no fish, no animal ingredients. Boil!

Garden metamorphosis (1/2)

This week Tom is with Sjoerd and Milou because they have a problem with the front garden. It has no fence and is therefore used by the entire neighborhood inappropriately. You will see the result tomorrow!

Veterinarian Piet

A cat does not just take care of his or her coat so that it remains nice and soft. Good grooming also plays a role in a cat’s health. Vet Piet is on the farm and he can tell us more about this! Read his tips here.

DIY: Make twisted candles

Lighting a beautiful candle creates atmosphere in the house. Fleur agrees, she decorates candles and gives a twist to the classic dinner candle. Literally and figuratively! Read here how to do this yourself.

Look inside at …

In 2019, Kelly and Joris bought an old 1930s house in Vlijmen in Brabant, where absolutely everything had to be done. After a few months of odd jobs, it has become exactly what they had in mind.

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