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Episode 8 | September 9, 2020

Fan of stews, but think they take too long? With a fish stew you can sit at the table after half an hour. Hugo shows in this episode how to make it yourself.

Cleanup coach Galit visits Anita. She could use Galit’s help as a single mother with six children. Anita gets cleaning tips for the nursery.

Are you also annoyed by all the cables in your interior? Like an eyesore. Martine explains how you can make the light cord shorter yourself. Do you want to become more convenient in connecting electricity? We have a number of useful videos for you!

And! In this episode we will take a look at Lakwerk and learn everything about nail art. Do you want to know how you can best care for your nails? Watch the broadcast quickly on Videoland.

Saskia briefly explains the latest interior trends. But also how you can translate this into your own home in an affordable way.

From this episode:

– Cooking with Hugo! Fish stew with homemade buns

– Tidy up the nursery and keep it tidy? That’s how you do that


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