Epson shuts down working printers: Here’s why, and here’s what you can do

Certain printers from Epson can no longer be used although they still work perfectly. That’s why and that’s what you can do.

The blog “Fight to repair” reports that Epson shuts down printers even though they are still usable. At least these printers are affected: Epson L360, Epson L130, L220, L310 and L365.

The reason for the shutdown

The reason for the shutdown is the “ink pads” built into the printers. These “ink pads” are designed to collect, distribute, and most importantly, catch ink that is not used on the printed pages. However, these pads would wear out over time and then the printer would no longer work and a corresponding message would appear: “a part inside your printer is at the end of its service life. Service is required” (“a part in Your printer has reached the end of its life. Service is required”). According to Epson, this should prevent damage caused by spilled ink.

Epson explains this practice as follows: “Like many other products, all Epson consumer inkjet printers have a finite lifespan due to the wear and tear of components through normal use. Eventually, the product will reach a point where either satisfactory print quality is no longer can be maintained or the components have reached the end of their useful life. This is the normal product life cycle for highly mechanical devices such as printers. This message is a warning that certain parts have reached the end of their useful life and that your printer will no longer function until it is serviced becomes.”

You have these options

However, this shutdown due to the “ink pads” should not normally be the case during the normal lifetime of a printer. But obviously this error message and the associated deactivation of the printer also appear on devices that can still print perfectly. So if you are a power user and use the printer frequently, you may well see this error message. From one day to the next you can no longer print on a perfectly working printer. So Epson obviously has a fixed expiry date built into some of its printers based on the condition of the ink pads. The paid maintenance recommended by Epson is certainly not worth it for financial reasons. According to Epson, this leaves only one other option: buying a new printer. Although the existing Epson printer could still print without any problems.

Inkjet printer price comparison

If this message appears for the first time and you are using the printer on a Windows PC (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP; Windows 11 is not mentioned), you can include an Epson reset in the error message. Download the utility and thus restore the printer readiness for a “short time”. But that only works once. Linux and macOS users do not have this option.

However, there are video instructions circulating on YouTube that show how to change the “ink pads” yourself.

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