Equestrian federation: situation regarding horse virus serious

The Dutch equestrian sports federation KNHS is particularly concerned about the outbreak of the highly contagious horse rhinopneumonia virus in Europe. Almost all international competitions have now been stopped by the international organization FEI until the end of March. “What I understand there are three variants,” says Theo Fledderus, general director of the KNHS. “The worst of the three has struck. That means that horses are also dying.”

The fact that the virus broke out at a top sporting event in Valencia is a complicating factor. Fledderus: “It happened at a place where a lot of horses are together. In any case more than 500. Of all the Dutch who were there, one rider is still there in quarantine. Four of his horses are healthy, four show slight symptoms. “

Related outbreaks have been reported in three countries other than Spain, where four horses have now died of the virus. In the Netherlands there is not yet a major outbreak, although Fledderus does not yet know all the details. “I also know that the ministry has been closely monitoring the situation since last week,” says Fledderus. “But there is in any case no question of a transport ban in the Netherlands yet.”


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