“Erdapfel-Erdogan”: Böhmermann sees Austria on the way to autocracy

Once again, the German satirist and political activist Jan Böhmermann has announced great things, at least indirectly. “Gernot Blümel still has time to step down,” he said on Twitter in a preview of the latest episode of his political satire format, the ZDF magazine Royale. This time – for the first time after an Ischgl special – again with a focus on Austria. First of all: Böhmermann’s newest end product will not cause any personnel changes at the People’s Party.

A “turquoise shit show”, as “dense as Pumpernickel and Brownie”, the satirist prophesied – and then delivered a lukewarm infusion of incidents in Austrian domestic politics since 2017. Spiked with plenty of faecal humor, loosened up by video clips: Sebastian Kurz im Retirement home, Kurz once again in the retirement home, Kurz does not always fly economy class. As threatened, the focus of the episode was the ÖVP, and above all Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Final boss: the judiciary

This episode is “so valuable that it lasts for the whole summer, until September”, announced Böhmermann at the beginning. Afterwards he shone with thigh thumpers like this: Austria, that was “the country that Hitler gave us – and unfortunately also the Mozartkugel”. Austria is also a kind of test laboratory for German politics: “What is still threatening us here in Germany has long been a reality in Austria.”

Böhmermann’s message: Austria is on the way from a liberal democracy to a (“turquoise”) autocracy. The government partner, the media, the parliament: the Chancellor had them all in his pocket for a long time. Alliterated nicknames like “Erdapfel-Erdogan”, “Baby-Bolsonaro” and “Playmobil-Putin” could not be missing.

Only the “final boss” had not yet switched off, said Böhmermann: the judiciary. It doesn’t feel like the Chancellor wanted it. Not yet. Therefore, the ZDF Magazin Royale pray for Austria all summer. And for the time being relieves it of further “shit shows”.


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