“Essential shops” may remain open, but what are they?

In addition, it was said at the press conference of the Consultation Committee that supermarkets should only be allowed to sell essential items. For chains such as Colruyt and Carrefour, this means that they should take part of their supply off the shelves. “We are prepared for this”, says Aurelie Gerth of Carrefour, “but we will wait a while to see what exactly the Ministerial Decree says before we make any adjustments.”

“We actually hope that we can continue to offer our full range. In any case, it does not seem unsafe to us, since we only let 1 customer per 15 square meters into the stores. We would also turn people away to online platforms of often large foreign players. that do not create employment in Belgium. ”

“People can often still buy the things that we should take off the shelves in bookstores or garden centers, so we don’t understand why we should no longer be allowed to sell them. And finally, for our staff, that already weighs heavily on the is being tested since March, an extra burden to go through all the racks and check what we can still sell and what not. “


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