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Etoolz is one of those little freeware programs that you don’t want to be without. In no time at all, you can use it to determine the data for a website and display the associated domain name for an IP address. They check whether a website can be reached and which route a data packet is taking. The freeware also provides a lot of important information about your computer. Ping, tracer, DNS, IANA, header, mail, pagerank are integrated in Etoolz.

Download eToolz for free and without registration. The RAR archive is only 364 KB in size. The eToolz program does not need to be installed. Unzip the RAR archive under Windows Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10 with the help of a pack program such as the free 7-ZIP and then start the included EXE file. Thus, eToolz is also ideally suited for the mobile administrator toolbox on a USB stick. After the start, eToolz provides a series of powerful command line commands via a comfortable Windows interface. Each command has its own tab.

DNS query / NS lookup

DNS tab

: Enter a URL (important: together with the TLD, for example with .de or .org) and click on “Start”. Within a second, eToolz provides you with all the relevant information about the server. For example, its IP address, the host name, the country in which the server is located and the address of the DNS server that resolved the domain name. And the result of the reverse DNS query / lookup and the responsible name server. In addition, the addresses of the existing mail servers that belong to the domain (you can recognize them by the designation MX-Server). eToolz also looks up internationalized domain names (“umlaut domains”) with ä, ü or ö in the name.

You can not only look up domain names under the same tab, but also do a lapel lookup, i.e. have an IP address converted into a domain name.


Determine all relevant data for a domain name or an IP address

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